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Vélan Hut
Cabane du Vélan (fr)

Photo of the Vélan Hut
view on the Vélan Hut

Elevation 2,642 m8,667.979 ft
1.642 miles
Location Valais, Switzerland
Massif Mont Vélan Group
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DMS Coor. 45°52´50"N, 7°13´25"E
Swiss Coor. 585005 / 85050
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Coordinates Information

Nearby Features
Nothing nearby
Alpinist's Info
Base(s) Bourg Saint Pierre
Summit(s) Grand Combin, Mont Vélan
Topo. Map SLK 1366: Mont Vélan
Approach Difficulty Hike
Hut Info
Places 60
Guarded 15 Mar. - 15 May (on demand)
15 Jun. - 15 Oct. (~ conditions)
Catering Drinks and Food
Tel. 0041 (0)27 787 13 13 (hut)
E-mail info@velan.ch
Website www.velan.ch
Vélan Hut (Switzerland )
Vélan Hut
Vélan Hut
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[edit] General information

The Vélan Hut is a hut in the Pennine Alps (Valais) in Switzerland and was opened in 2003. It has a nice view on Mont Vélan and Grand Combin.

[edit] Accomodation

60 places / 12 places in winter room

Food (pasta, cheese, fondue...), cold and hot drinks and Valais wines are available.

Category CHF/night
CAS Member, 23+
Certain organisations, police on duty, military, frontier guards,
CAS Member, 10-22
Youth participating in youth CAS courses
All others 18+ 32*
All others 10-17 19*
Child < 10 10*
Preparation of own meal or use of kitchen 5/person

* Tax non included: 1.2 CHF/person/night (children 6-16: 0.6 CHF/person/night). Taxfree for people living in Bourg-Saint-Pierre.

[edit] Approach routes

Access possibilities to the hut
Detailed access possibilities and possible ascents
  • By car: from Martigny, take the road to Grand-Saint-Bernard untill Bourg-Saint-Pierre (BSP)
  • Public Transport: train from Martigny-Orsières, then post bus to BSP (direct bus from Martigny to BSP in the morning)
  • From BSP, ascend the Valsorey valley: departure close to the « Vieux Moulin » hotel on the top of BSP
  • Alpine road untill Cordonna, then good mountain path (good shoes recommended)
  • At the chalet d'Amont cross the stream and follow the moraine up to the hut. Walking time from BSP to the hut: 3-4h

[edit] Crossings

[edit] Ascents

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