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Akademischer Alpen-Club Zürich (AACZ)
Also known as Academic Alpine Club Zurich (en)
Type Student Mountaineering Club
Location Switzerland
Website http://www.aacz.ch/cms/

[edit] General information

The Akademischer Alpen-Club Zürich (AACZ) is an association of students, graduates and researchers from Zurich's institutes of higher education who pursue a wide range of alpine activities – from rock-climbing through trekking, alpine climbing, ski-touring and expeditions.

The AACZ owns and operates two huts that are open to the public, the Mischabel and Windgällen huts, which are located respectively above Saas Fee and in the Maderanertal, Canton Uri. In addition, there is a small hut (without a warden) at the Fondei, near Arosa, for the use of AACZ members only.

AACZ members enjoy reciprocal rights at Swiss Alpine Club huts and those of many other alpine associations throughout the European Alps.

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