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Photo of the Adlerpass
The Adlerpass between the Strahlhorn and the Rimpfischhorn

Elevation 3,789 m12,431.102 ft
2.354 miles
Location Valais, Switzerland
Range Pennine Alps
Massif Mischabel
Between Rimpfischhorn
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DMS Coor. 46°1´9"N, 7°53´13"E
Swiss Coor. 634719 / 96501
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Nearby Features
Adler Glacier, Adlerhorn, Allalinpass, Città di Luino Bivouac, Fluchthorn, Rimpfischhorn, Schwarzberg Weisstor, Strahlhorn
Alpinist's Info
Base(s) Saas Fee, Zermatt
Hut(s) Berghaus Flue, Britannia Hut
Topo. Map SLK 1348: Zermatt
Easiest Route Rating PD PD
Adlerpass (Switzerland )


[edit] General information

The Adlerpass (3,789 m12,431.102 ft
2.354 miles
) is a pass in the Pennine Alps of Switzerland. This pass was first crossed in 1849 by G. Lauterburg, G. Studer, M. Ulrich, F. Andenmatten, F. Anthanmatten and J. Madutz.

It is an important pass in the Mischabel connecting the Allalin Glacier and the Findel Glacier and is situated between the Rimpfischhorn and the Strahlhorn. It is one of the most frequented passes in the Alps, most notably crossed by skiers going from Zermatt to Saas Fee or the other way around. The pass is also visited by parties ascending the normal route on the Strahlhorn or the South-East Ridge of the Rimpfischhorn.

This pass is almost never a goal on itself but just a stop on a longer trip. For the novice it can be an easy and pleasant hike from Zermatt to Saas Fee (or Saas Fee to Zermatt), but be aware of the fact that you are walking on glaciers and always have to be cautious.

[edit] Routes

[edit] South-West Side (PD)

Adlerpass: South-West Side (edit infobox)
Summit Approach
Summit Adlerpass (3,789 m2.354 miles
12,431.102 ft
Valley base(s) Zermatt (1,608 m0.999 miles
5,275.591 ft
Route Type Snow (5 h) Hut Berghaus Flue (2,618 m1.627 miles
8,589.239 ft
Difficulty Rating PD PD Difficulty W1
Height Gains Hut - Summit: 1171 m0.728 miles
3,841.864 ft
    -    Valley - Hut: 1010 m0.628 miles
3,313.648 ft
    -    Valley - Summit: 2181 m1.355 miles
7,155.512 ft
Useful Maps SLK 1348: Zermatt (Maps)

From Berghaus Flue follow the route to the point where the Findel Glacier and the Adler Glacier once met. Pass S of Pt.3,001m and climb on to the N side of the Adler Glacier via rubble slopes. Keeping on the N bank of the glacier take a direct line to the col, climbing the steep final slopes by an ascending line from left to right (possibly ice). This approach is quite long and takes up to 5h.

[edit] North-East Side (PD)

Adlerpass: North-East Side (edit infobox)
Summit Approach
Summit Adlerpass (3,789 m2.354 miles
12,431.102 ft
Valley base(s) Saas Fee (1,800 m1.118 miles
5,905.512 ft
Route Type Snow (3 h) Hut Britannia Hut (3,030 m1.883 miles
9,940.945 ft
Difficulty Rating PD PD Difficulty Rating F F
Height Gains Hut - Summit: 759 m0.472 miles
2,490.157 ft
    -    Valley - Hut: 1230 m0.764 miles
4,035.433 ft
    -    Valley - Summit: 1989 m1.236 miles
6,525.591 ft
Useful Maps SLK 1348: Zermatt, SLK 1329: Saas, SLK 1328: Randa (Maps)
#1: Topographic detail of the Adlerpass approaches

From the Britannia Hut a marked track leads diagonally down rubble strewn slope on to the Hoghlaub Glacier. Cross the glacier SW until directly below the snow saddle marked Pt.3,105m and climb up to this point. Make a slight descent on the other on to the left bank of the Allalin Glacier and climb this side of the glacier under the walls of the Allalinhorn. When the wall heads W, at 3,240m altitude, reach a plateau.

Cross the plateau SSW, keeping left of a zone of seracs below the first rocks of the Rimpfischhorn. Once past these seracs turn SW then follow the left bank again close to the rocks of the Rimpfischhorn. From an altitude of 3,600m, take a direct line to the Adlerpass.

[edit] Overview

Route Name Hei. Dif. Dur. (h) Type Rock ° Valley Hut S. Gain Maps
Adlerpass: South-West Side 3,789 m2.354 miles
12,431.102 ft
DPD 5 Snow Zermatt Berghaus Flue 1,171 m0.728 miles
3,841.864 ft
Adlerpass: North-East Side 3,789 m2.354 miles
12,431.102 ft
DPD 3 Snow Saas Fee Britannia Hut 759 m0.472 miles
2,490.157 ft
1348, 1329, 1328

Hei.:Height, Dif.: Difficulty, Dur.: Duration, S. Gain: Meters from hut to summit
Summit map is always listed first. If a map is used for 2 km and another map for 1 km, the 2 km map will be listed before the 1 km map. Overview of the Swiss maps & Italian maps.

[edit] Additional photos

[edit] Recommended books

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      Valais Alps West: Selected Climbs (Alpine Club Guides) by Lindsay Griffin

      Valais East: Zermatt - Saas - Fiesch (Rother Walking Guide) by Michael Waeber

      Alpine Climbing: Techniques to Take You Higher (Mountaineers Outdoor Expert) by Cathy Cosley

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