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Almageller Hut
Almagellerhütte (de)

Photo of the Almageller Hut
The Almageller Hut

Elevation 2,894 m9,494.751 ft
1.798 miles
Location Valais, Switzerland
Range Pennine Alps
Massif Weissmies Group
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DMS Coor. 46°6´27"N, 8°0´28"E
Swiss Coor. 643951 / 106426
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Coordinates Information

Nearby Features
Città di Varese Bivouac, Weissmies, Weissmies Group, Zwischbergenpass
Alpinist's Info
Base(s) Saas Almagell, Saas Grund
Summit(s) Dri Horlini, Kanzelgrat, Mittelrück, Portjengrat, Portjenhorn, Sonnighorn, Weissmies
Topo. Map SLK 1329: Saas
Approach Difficulty W1
Hut Info
Places 120
Guarded 01 Jun. - 20 Sep.
Catering Drinks and Food
Tel. 0041 (0)27 957 11 79 (hut)
Almageller Hut (Switzerland )
Almageller Hut
Almageller Hut


General information

The Almageller hut (German: Almagellerhütte) (2,894 m9,494.751 ft
1.798 miles
) is a mountain hut above Saas Almagell, in the Pennine Alps in the canton of Valais, Switzerland, owned by the Swiss Alpine Club. It's an attractive modern hut situated below the S side of the Dri Horlini in the NE sector of the Almagellertal. It is the base camp for an ascent of the Weismiess. The hut warden is Hugo Anthamatten (Tel: 0041 (0)27 957 35 14).


Built in 1982.


120 places. A pavilion, 25m next to the hut, offers groups of up to 28 persons a separate accomodation. It's also used as winter room.

Category CHF/night
SAC Member +23, army, border guard, police and the rescue service who are on duty 22
SAC Member 6-22 11
Non Member from 18 60
Non Member 6-17, SAC guides 19
Child 6 free
Category CHF
Breakfast 12
Supper 23
Tour-tea (per bottle) 3
Preparation and cooking of own brought food at cost

CHF and EUR accepted

Approach Routes

Approach routes

There are 3 different approach routes:

Direct route (shortest route from Saas Almagell):

Follow the signpost (Almagelleralp, Almagellehut) from the middle of the village Saas Almagell, direction northeast. Ascent through Spisswald, pass Mittli Flüe and continue to Chüelbrunnji (2053m), then eastwards to Almagelleralp (2194m). From Almagelleralp choose eather the Talweg or Säumerweg variant. Difference of altitude: 524m (to Almagelleralp), distance approx.: 3,300m, walking time approx.: 2h10

  • Talweg variant

The way from Almagelleralp (2194m) leads eastwards through the valley Almagellertal. Follow the zigzag-path which is just after the bridge (2354m). Direction northeast, through Wysstal to Almagellerhut. Difference of altitude: 700m, distance approx.: 3,300m, walking time approx.: 2h30

  • Säumerweg variant

Follow the path from Almagelleralp (2194m) for approx. 150m westwards to Kreuzboden. Then turn off northnortheast and follow the old mule track, direction west, later northwest, high up over the Amagellertal to the Almagellerhut. Difference of altitude: 700m, distance approx: 2,750m, walking time approx.: 2h20

Erlebnispfad (The adventure path from Saas Almagell):

Take eather the chairlift in the south of Saas Almagell or the path to Furggstalden. Follow the path northwards from the top, which leads over a 60m long suspension bridge and over several well safeguarded rock passages to Mittli Flüe, then further to Chüelbrunnji (2053m), from here eastwards to Almagelleralp (2194m). For experienced hikers with a good head for heights. From Almagelleralp choose eather the Talweg or Säumerweg variant. Difference of altitude: 293m (to Almagelleralp), distance approx.: 2,970m, walking time approx.: 1h30

Höhenweg (Floral scenic path from Saas Grund)

Take the cablecar from Saas Grund to Kreuzboden (2397m). Follow the Höhenweg southwards from Mälliga (2478m) to Trifgrätji and then to Hehbord (2500m), high up over Saas Valley with a picturesque view to the opposite side of the valley, then on to Wyssi Flüe, and finally turn eastsoutheastwards to Almagelleralp (2194m). From Almagelleralp choose eather the Talweg or Säumerweg variant. Difference of altitude: 203m (way down to Almagelleralp), distance approx.: 6,930m, walking time approx.: 1h50


Ascent to Zwischbergenpass on a marked path. The way up through the last slope is rather tiring, as the path leads through scree. The descent from Zwischbergenpass leads partly over corn snow to Cheller (1774m). From there it mostly follows the brook to the bridge (1329m), where the road from Gondo ends. The path continues partly on the road or on footpaths to Gondo.

Difference of altitude: 374m way up
Difference of altitude: 2'413m way down
Distance approx.: 18,500m
Walking time approx.: 7h


Ascent to Zwischbergenpass on a marked path. The way up through the last slope is rather tiring, as the path leads through scree.

Difference of altitude: 374m
Distance approx.: 1,500m
Walking time approx.: 1h

This rocky ridge with an enormous southeast rockface, where the climbing routes are located, is to the north of Almagellerhut and reachable in a few minutes. The routes are beautiful and lead through very good rock. The climbing times vary between 1h up to 3h. About 20 opened routes offer almost everything a climber could ask for. The entire crossing is a third level difficulty, the different climbing routes in the south rockface are between level four and seven.

The peaks of Portjengrat can be climbed up or crossed by different routes.

For example:
Pizzo d'Andolla over the west side, 4h
Portjenhorn over the westsouthwest ridge, 2h
Mittelrück over the westnorthwest rigde, 2h30
Crossing via Sonnigpass to Zwischbergenpass, from the hut 10-12h

  • Via Ferrata del Lago

Follow the blue-white marks from Almagellerhut to Sonnigpass (3147m), which is located between Sonnighorn and Mittelrück. The path to Sonnigpass mostly leads over rubble. Just before reaching the pass you come across the crevasseless glacier Rotblatt. Sonnigpass serves as a crossing to Valle d'Antrona and as a starting point for Sonnighorn, Portjengrat and Via Ferrata del Lago.

Difference of altitude: 253m without counter ascent
Distance approx.: 4,000m
Walking time approx.: 2h

From Sonnigpass in 1h30 to 2h to the peak. Another ascent leads from Steintällisattel over the Northwest-ridge. Walking time 4h30 from Almagellerhut.

From Almagellerhut to Zwischbergenpass. Over corn snow to the long triangular, snowy slope, which should be climbed up as directly as possible. After an easy climb you get to Felskopf (3965m), and over the snowy ridge to the peak.

Difference of altitude: 1,123m
Distance approx.: 3,000m
Walking time approx.: 4h

Additional photos

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      Valais East: Zermatt - Saas - Fiesch (Rother Walking Guide) by Michael Waeber

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