Corno Gries Hut

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Corno Gries Hut
Capanna Corno Gries (it)

Photo of the Corno Gries Hut

Elevation 2,338 m (7,671 ft)
Type [[Hut_Type::SAC]]
Location ,
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DMS Coor. 0°0´0"N, 0°0´0"E
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Alpinist's Info
Base(s) undefined array: a
Summit(s) Cono Gries Nufenenstock Blinnenhorn Punta di Eglio Pizzo San Giacomo Hohsandhorn Ofenhorn
Hut Info
Places 80 matrasses
Guarded /07 - /10 & na afspraak
Tel. 0041 (0)91 869 11 29
Corno Gries Hut (Switzerland )
Corno Gries Hut
Corno Gries Hut
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