European Alps

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European Alps
Continent Europe
Location ,
Highest Point Mont Blanc (4,811 m15,784.121 ft
2.989 miles

Map of the European Alps
European Alps with its subdivisions

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[edit] Overview

The Alps is the name for one of the great mountain range systems of Europe, stretching from Austria and Slovenia in the east; through Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany; to France in the west.

The highest mountain in the European Alps is the Mont Blanc, at 4,808 metres (15,774 ft), on the Italian–French border.

[edit] Geography

[edit] Subdivision

The Alps are generally divided into the Western European Alps and the Eastern European Alps. The division is along the line between Lake Constance and Lake Como, following the rivers Rhine, Liro and Mera. The Western European Alps are higher, but their central chain is shorter and curved; they are located in Italy, France and Switzerland. The Eastern Alps (main ridge system elongated and broad) belong to Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein and Slovenia. The highest peak of the Western European Alps is Mont Blanc, at 4,808 metres (15,774 ft). The highest peak of the Eastern Alps is Piz Bernina, at 4,049 metres (13,284 ft). The Dufourspitze, 4,634 metres (15,203 ft) and Ortler, 3,905 metres (12,812 ft), are the second-highest, respectively.

[edit] Eastern Alps

The Eastern_European_Alps are commonly subdivided according to the different lithology (rock composition) of the more central parts of the Alps and the groups at its northern and southern fringes: Northern Limestone Alps (from the Wienerwald to Bregenzerwald), including the Flyschzone; peaks up to 3,000 metres (9,840 ft) Central Eastern Alps (Austria, Switzerland); peaks up to 4,050 metres (13,290 ft) Southern Limestone Alps The border between the Central Alps and the Southern Limestone Alps is the Periadriatic Seam. The Northern Limestone Alps are separated from the Central Eastern Alps by the Graywacke Zone.

[edit] Western European Alps

The Western European Alps are commonly subdivided with respect to geography.

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