FXB Panossiere Hut

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FXB Panossiere Hut
Cabane de F.-X. Bagnoud Panossiere (fr)
Elevation 2,641 m8,664.698 ft
1.641 miles
Type private
Location Valais, Switzerland
Massif Grand Combin Group
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DMS Coor. 45°59´55"N, 7°17´59"E
Swiss Coor. 589240 / 094140
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Coordinates Information

Nearby Features
Nothing nearby
Alpinist's Info
Base(s) Fionnay, Mauvoisin
Summit(s) Combin de Corbassière, Grand Combin, Petit Combin, Tournelon Blanc
Topo. Map SLK 1346: Chanrion
Hut Info
Places 100
Guarded mid Jun. - mid Sep.
Catering Drinks and Food
Tel. +41 277 713 322 (hut)
E-mail info@cabane-fxb-panossiere.ch
Website www.cabane-fxb-panossiere.ch
FXB Panossiere Hut (Switzerland )
FXB Panossiere Hut
FXB Panossiere Hut
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[edit] General information

The Panossière (2,641 m8,664.698 ft
1.641 miles
) is a mountain hut in the Pennine Alps at the foot of the Grand Combin massif in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. It is the starting point for the ascents of Grand Combin, Petit Combin, Combin de Corbassière and Tournelon Blanc. The hut, lying east of the Corbassière Glacier is accessible to hikers by a trail from the north, comming from Fionnay or from the east, from Mauvoisin over the Col des Otannes. The hut is a stage in several alpine routes like the Tour des Combin and the Tour du Val de Bagnes. Sylvie & Henri Chastellain are the hut wardens.

[edit] History

Built in 1881. Expansions in 1893 and 1969. The hut was destroyed by an avalanche in 1988 and rebuilt in 1996.

[edit] Accommodation

100 places, no winter room.

Category CHF/night
Adult 69
Under 16 year old 45
Under 10 year old 30

Dinner and breakfast are included in the price. No reduction for Alpine Club members.

[edit] Approach routes


  • Fionnay – Panossière
  • Brunet – Col des Avouillons - Passerelle de Corbassière – Panossière
  • Brunet – La Maye- Passerelle de Corbassière - Panossière
  • Mauvoisin – Col des Otanes – Panossière
  • Bonatchiesse – Col des Otanes - Panossière
  • Valsorey - Col du Meitin– Panossière


  • Mayen du Revers - Panossière
  • Brunet – Col des Avouillons - Panossière
  • Valsorey - Col du Meitin– Panossière
  • Bourg-St-Pierre – Glacier de Boveire - Panossière

[edit] Ascents

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