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What is Mount Wiki?

Mount Wiki is a collaborative project on hiking & mountaineering. We at Mount Wiki aim to make this site the ultimate mountain guide, which guides you through your preparation process when you are preparing a mountaineering trip. The long term goal is that a visitor comes to the sites and leaves the site with all the info he needed and can start his trip immediately.

To serve this goal, Mount Wiki contains information on mountains, passes, huts, villages, climbing technique and a lot more.

We need you to help us!


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Current Projects

We are currently working on the Pennine peaks and the Bernese peaks. The focus will remain on Switzerland in the near future but you can add anything you want of course.

Recently the following mountains have been finished: Zinal Rothorn, Weisshorn, Mont Durand, Bishorn, Ober Gabelhorn and the Breithorn peaks. Coming very soon: Roccia Nera, Castor, Pollux and the other Alpine 4000m peaks (according to Goedeke).

The Mount Wiki bot has scanned the internet for Swiss mountain huts. Most of these huts have been verified and completed, but some of them are still missing. Have a look at the table in Huts and you are invited to complete any missing data.

The development of the new infoboxes has finally been finished. Data has been cleaned up, data structure been improved and bugs should be gone. From now on we will purely focus on adding data without changing the layout or style of Mount Wiki. You can have a look at the overview tabs above this box (Mountains, Huts etc) which list the data present in Mount Wiki. We expect to add Villages, Ranges and Massifs tabs in the near future.

Of course you can add anything you want yourself (a new route on a mountain, info on a mountain hut, info on a village or the price of a ticket for a lift you used). A big post, a small post or a correction of an existing post, it doesn't matter. We need your contribution to make this site the best it can be.

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10 April 2010: 500 Articles
1 July 2009: Infoboxes v2.0
1 January 2009: Official Launch
1 November 2008: New Design
1 August 2008: Start

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