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This page lists all the massifs that are present on MountWiki. The data in the table is automatically imported from pages containing the Infobox_Massif template and is updated every 48h.

[edit] Overview table

Massif Range Country Highest Point Quality
Aletschhorn Group Bernese Alps Switzerland Aletschhorn Start
Breithorn-Liskamm Group Pennine Alps Switzerland
Castor Start
Dent Blanche Group Pennine Alps Switzerland Dent Blanche Stub
Eggishorn Group Bernese Alps Switzerland Eggishorn Good
Fiescherhorn Group Bernese Alps Switzerland Gross Fiescherhorn Good
Finsteraarhorn Group Bernese Alps Switzerland Finsteraarhorn Good
Jungfrau Group Bernese Alps Switzerland Jungfrau Start
Matterhorn Group Pennine Alps Italy
Matterhorn Stub
Mischabel Pennine Alps Switzerland Dom Start
Mont Blanc Massif Graian Alps France
Mont Blanc Stub
Monte Rosa Pennine Alps Switzerland
Dufourspitze Start
Ortler Group Southern Rhaetian Alps Italy Ortler Stub
Schreckhorn Group Bernese Alps Switzerland Schreckhorn Stub
Tofane Group Dolomites Italy Tofana di Mezzo Stub
Wannenhorn Group Bernese Alps Switzerland Gross Wannenhorn Good
Weisshorn Group Pennine Alps Switzerland Weisshorn Stub
Weissmies Group Pennine Alps Switzerland
Weissmies Start
Wetterhorn Group Bernese Alps Switzerland Mittelhorn Start

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