Moiry Hut

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Moiry Hut
Cabane de Moiry (fr)

Photo of the Moiry Hut

Elevation 2,825 m9,268.373 ft
1.755 miles
Location Valais, Switzerland
Range Pennine Alps
Massif Dent Blanche Group
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DMS Coor. 46°5´26"N, 7°35´43"E
Swiss Coor. 612130 / 104380
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Nearby Features
Petit Mountet Hut
Alpinist's Info
Base(s) Grimentz (Anniviers)
Summit(s) Aguilles de la Lé en Pigne de la Lé, Grand Cornier, Pointe de Bricola, Pointe de Moiry, Pointes de Mourty, Tsa de l'Ano and Couronne de Bréona
Topo. Map SLK 1327: Evolène
Approach Difficulty W2
Hut Info
Places 96
Guarded 01/07 - 30/09
Catering Drinks and Food
Tel. +41 27 475 45 34 (hut)
Moiry Hut (Switzerland )
Moiry Hut
Moiry Hut


[edit] General Information

The Moiry Hut (2,825 m9,268.373 ft
1.755 miles
) (French: Cabane de Moiry) is a mountain hut located between the Moiry Glacier and the Aiguilles de la Lé, south of Grimentz, Anniviers Valley, in the canton of Valais, Switzerland. It is owned by the Swiss Alpine Club, Montreux section.

Since summer 2010, a new building was added and the 90 years-old hut was renovated. The new building has 8 small four beds dormitories (extra charge) with glacier view.

[edit] Accommodation

In summer there are 96 beds. The winterroom has 28 places. Classics mountain hut dormitories, from 8 to 14 places, with nordic duvets. 8 small four bed rooms placed in the new building. This solution, more comfortable, requires an extra charge of 5.- CHF.

You can ask for warm shower, if water permitted.

A silk or cotton night sheet is asked by the Alpine Club for hygiene reasons. In case of missing, hiring (10.-) or buying is possible at the hut.

Category CHF/night Half pension Tax
SAC Member 21 40.50 2.50
SAC Member 18-22 13 40.50 2.50
SAC Member 13-17 13 35.75 1.25
SAC Member 6-12 13 35.75 1.25
Non Member 18+ 18 40.50 2.50
Non Member 13-17 18 35.75 1.25
Non Member 6-12 18 30.75 1.25
Up to 6 years 0 10 0
Guides UIAGM 0 40.50 0

[edit] Approach Route

  • From Grimentz:
  • Walk or take the bus to the end of the Moiry Road.

The hut can be reached in one and half hour walking from the end of Moiry road (2350m). Go E and then SE. The path is steep at some sections, snow can cover some part of the trail late in the season, sometimes until the end of July or mid-August.

  • A more adventurous route is the path east of the Moiry Lake, around the 2500m line. This path merges with the other route at pt. 2522

[edit] Ascents

[edit] Crossings

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