Monte Rosa Hut

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Monte Rosa Hut
Monte Rosa Hütte (de)

Photo of the Monte Rosa Hut
Monte Rosa Hut overneath the Görner Glacier & Grentz Glacier

Elevation 2,795 m9,169.948 ft
1.737 miles
Location Valais, Switzerland
Range Pennine Alps
Massif Monte Rosa
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DMS Coor. 45°57´28.5"N, 7°48´44.6"E
Swiss Coor. 628970 / 089660
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Coordinates Information

Nearby Features
Görner Glacier, Görnergrat, Roccia Nera, Rossi and Volante Bivouac
Alpinist's Info
Base(s) Zermatt
Summit(s) Balmenhorn, Castor, Cima di Jazzi, Corno Nero, Dufourspitze, Jägerhorn, Lyskamm, Nordend, Parrotspitze, Pollux, Punta Giordani, Pyramid Vincent, Signalkuppe, Zumsteinspitze
Topo. Map SLK 1348: Zermatt
IGC 109: Monte Rosa - Alagna -
Valsesia - Macugnaga - Gressoney
Approach Difficulty Rating F F
Hut Info
Places 160
Guarded 15 Mar. - 01 Jun. & 30 Jun. - 15 Sep.
Catering Drinks and Food
Tel. 0041 (0)27 967 21 15 (hut)
0041 (0)27 956 31 50 (warden)
Monte Rosa Hut (Switzerland )
Monte Rosa Hut
Monte Rosa Hut
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[edit] General information

The Monte Rosa Hut (German: Monte Rosahütte) (2,795 m9,169.948 ft
1.737 miles
) is a mountain hut above Zermatt in the Pennine Alps, in the canton of Valais, Switzerland. Situated like a castle on the top of a large ledge at the foot of the Monte Rosa the hut overlooks the Grenz Glacier coming down between Dufourspitze and Liskamm. To the south one can see the Matterhorn and the Görner Glacier and Görner ridge. Directly across from the hut is the impressive north wall of Liskamm.

The hut is owned and operated by the Monta Rosa Section of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC). The Monte Rosa Hut is the best base camp for climbs on the Swiss side of the Monte Rosa Massif. The hut wardens are Brantschen Manuela and Brantschen Horst (Feld 22, 3924 St. Niklaus; Tel: 0041 (0)27 956 31 50 or 0041 (0)78 605 45 33;e-mail:

[edit] History

  • In 1894 and 1895 the Betemps hut was built with 25 places, thanks to the Betemps and Seiler family and owned by the SAC Central Committee. (3000CHF)
  • In 1918 the hut was expanded to 45 places.
  • In 1925 the hut was handed over to SAC Monte Rosa Section with agreement to further expand the hut within in a year.
  • In 1930 the hut is reinforced with 50cm stone walls.
  • In 1939-1940 the hut was rebuilt with 86 places and at this point the hut is renamed Monte Rosa Hut (44900CHF)
  • In 1972 the hut is increased to 116 places and space for ski equipment.
  • In 1984 the hut expands to its current 150-160 spaces (685000CHF).
  • In 2009 a new futuristic hut is inaugurated, just above the old hut.

[edit] Accomodation

160 places, 28 in winter room

Food and drinks are available. Three meals a day are served. Hot tea in the morning is available and lunch will be packed upon request. The water in the toilets and showers is melt coming off the glacier. The locals claim it is unfit to drink so you are warned not to.

Category CHF/night
SAC Member 21.5
J+S Member 10.5
Non Member from 18 32.5
Non Member 7-17 17.5
Group from 10 people, 7-17 14
Child < 7 6
Half Pension 34
1 liter hot water 2

Sleeping bag compulsory!

[edit] Approach Routes

Topo of several routes to the Monte Rosa Hut

The Görnergrat train and the cable cars are rather expensive at 60 CHF for a round trip from Zermatt to Görnergrat and about the same if not more for the cable cars. The Görnergrat Train station is just across the street from the main train station in Zermatt.

[edit] Ascents

Winter & summer

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