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[edit] Copyright

[edit] Swiss topographic maps

All the Swiss topographic maps used on this site are generated using Swiss topo DVDs and are available on The maps are also available as a paper print, which are available on the same site or by following the hyperlinked map names on Mount Wiki.

[edit] Images and pictures

Mount Wiki strongly recommends to only use public available images and cite the author if needed (citing is possible by displaying the name of the author on the image page or by linking to the original site by using a 'external link' section on a page).

Copyright protected images are immediately removed upon request by the author. Please send an email to info <at> if you want your copyright protected image removed. Bear in mind that we try to prevent rather than cure; but as this is a open and editable community-based website, some images slip through the mazes.

[edit] Mount Wiki content

The content on Mount Wiki is available under a GNU license. Images are available under user-specified license (but most images on Mount Wiki are publicly available anyway).

We at Mount Wiki have the opinion that descriptions of mountain routes/routes to huts etc. are public, which means that we do not recommend to explicitely cite the source of a route you describe. However we recommend to cite the source of the route if you kind of use the same words or structure of content. In most cases this can be done using a 'recommended books' section or 'external links' section.

For example: If your Matterhorn route is: From Zermatt, follow the marking to the Hornli Hut. From the Hornli Hut, following the crest and difficult route finding, one reaches the summit in 8h. It is clear that no citation of source is needed as this is common knowledge. However if you inspire your 2 page long description on a description in a book or a website and you use the same words, please do cite the source.

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