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This page gives a description of the setup of MountWiki.

[edit] Framework

  • MediaWiki 1.15
  • PHP 5.3
  • MySQL

[edit] Extensions worth mentioning

  • Semantic Wiki (Semantic MediaWiki plugin)

This is the extensions that allows the data to be structured using properties (such as altitude, country etc) that can be queried in an easy way.

  • Semantic Forms

This is the extension that allows the infoboxes to be completed using a simple form rather than editing the raw text in a page.

  • Category Tree

This is the extension that allows a big overview tree of categories to be created (as given on the main page for example).

  • Confirm Edit

This is the anti-spam plugin

  • And many many more

One can have a look at all the extensions installed on this page.

[edit] Hacks/modifications

  • The TransformChanges extension is modified and Monobook/main.css is changed to optimize the recent changes page.
  • The sidebar is customized.
  • Some of the skins have been removed so that a user has no option in choosing it's skin
  • The only existing skin is modified to allow Google Adds to be included (they might disappear if another source of income is found to pay for the hosting...).
  • Modified footer (MonoBook.php modified + customized page links)
  • Modified 'to delete reasons'
  • Modified 'edit form tab' (SF_Messages.php) and 'edit tab' (MessagesEn.php)
  • Modified smwtable style @ SMW_custom.css
  • Addes facebook insights meta tag to the MonoBook.php skin
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