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Hi Mount Wiki visitors!

In this news update I will try to explain you a little bit on the Mount Wiki advertising strategy.

It has been more than a year since the last news message, which means nothing major happened throughout the last couple of months. Sure, people have been updating content, adding content, uploading photos, fixing little bugs here and there. In short, still going strong.

For the past couple of years I have been paying the hosting out of my own pocket. Although the expenses are not that big, it is a cost that has to be made by someone. Using different means of advertising, I try to make some revenue that enables me to keep hosting the website. The most important issue for me is to keep the website nice and clean and not stacked with different flashy advertising banners. The content of the website is more important than making money with it (FYI I am below break-even at the moment).

So you might have noticed that some things have changed recently. Here is a little overview of the advertising strategy

  • The bar at the left in the menu has been there for quite a while and is not disturbing for any user.
  • On pages with a good or perfect quality there is a list of recommended books (which I all have in my own little mountaineering library by the way). When someone buys one of those books through the website I get a little percentage. Why only on those pages? Because those pages tend to be long, people tend to read the entire pages and the books might be of added value. Experience shows that the list of books on the pages is perceived as welcome. A big win-win.
  • All the recommended maps shown in the infoboxes follow the same strategy as mentioned above.
  • We have been testing advertising blocks in the mountain infoboxes. Although the advertising block is in the middle of the content, it is a gentle method of advertising. In the future I will decide whether to continue with the strategy or abandon it. Scaring visitors away is not the primary objective of the website...
  • As of today I implemented advertising on the Category and File pages. This is not primary content and should not be disturbing to visitors interested in the content of the website. But research indicated that those pages are primary entry pages to the website i.e. those pages turn up in Google search result quite often. Either people go to Mount Wiki and stay on content pages or people click away. I thought it might be a good idea to try to generate some revenue that way.

That was it!

All suggestions, tips, complaints are welcome

--Joa ds 14:31, 12 September 2011 (UTC)

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