Oberaletsch Hut

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Oberaletsch Hut
Oberaletschhütte (de)

Photo of the Oberaletsch Hut
Oberaletsch Hut and the Aletsch Glacier

Elevation 2,640 m8,661.417 ft
1.64 miles
Location Valais, Switzerland
Range Bernese Alps
Massif Aletschhorn Group
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DMS Coor. 46°25´29"N, 7°58´26"E
Swiss Coor. 641150 / 141640
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Coordinates Information

Nearby Features
Aletschhorn Group
Alpinist's Info
Base(s) Riederalp
Summit(s) Aletschhorn Nesthorn Gross Fusshorn Torberg Lötschentaler Breithorn Wysshorn Schinhorn
Topo. Map SLK 1269: Aletschgletscher
Approach Difficulty
Hut Info
Places 60
Guarded 1 Apr. - 31 Aug.
Catering Drinks and Food
Tel. 0041 (0)27 927 17 67 (hut)
0041 (0)79 221 05 86 (guard)
E-mail info@oberaletsch.ch
Website www.oberaletsch.ch
Oberaletsch Hut (Switzerland )
Oberaletsch Hut
Oberaletsch Hut

[edit] Approach routes

The routes below refer to this topo: [1]

  • Belalp(red)
  • Riederfurka (black)

[edit] From Bergstation Belalp (4 - 5 h)

From the top station of the gondola on a broad way to the hotel Belalp. Descend on the "Steigglen" and on the old road to P. 2053. Follow the slope along the southern, old moraine of the Upper Aletsch Glacier. Continue along the path down into the impressive canyon. Cross the bridge and up to the old, northern lateral. Now on the moraine up to its end and steeper up to approximately 2600 m. Take the new path (built 2005) to the hut.

[edit] From Riederfurka (5 h)

From Riederfurka (2065 m) through the Teiffe forest or trail silver sand until Grünsee down (1614 m) then on the new 124 m long suspension bridge to the side Aletschi. From there via Leng Acher to the Chapel (1756 m) and the newly marked route to get to the Panoramaraod Oberaletsch (2000 m).

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