Rossi and Volante Bivouac

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Rossi and Volante Bivouac
Bivacco Rossi e Volante (it)
Bivacco Cesare e Giorgio (it)

Photo of the Rossi and Volante Bivouac
Rossi and Volante Bivouac high on the rocks

Elevation 3,750 m12,303.15 ft
2.33 miles
Type CAI
Location Valle d'Aosta, Italy
Range Pennine Alps
Massif Breithorn-Liskamm Group
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DMS Coor. 45°55´52"N, 7°46´26"E
Swiss Coor. 625780 / 86550
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Coordinates Information

Nearby Features
Breithorn, Breithorn Central, Breithorn East, Breithorn Gendarme, Breithorn-Liskamm Group, Castor, Mezzalama Hut, Monte Rosa Hut, Pollux, Roccia Nera, Valle d'Ayas Guides' Hut
Alpinist's Info
Base(s) Breuil-Cervinia, Saint Jacques, Zermatt
Summit(s) Breithorn, Castor, Liskamm, Pollux, Roccia Nera
Topo. Map SLK 1348: Zermatt
IGC 109: Monte Rosa - Alagna -
Valsesia - Macugnaga - Gressoney
Approach Difficulty Rating F F
Hut Info
Places 12
Guarded always unguarded
Catering No drinks and No food
Rossi and Volante Bivouac (Italy )
Rossi and Volante Bivouac
Rossi and Volante Bivouac
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General information

The Rossi and Volante Bivouac (Italian: Bivacco Rossi e Volante or Bivacco Cesare e Giorgio) (3,750 m) is a mountain hut above Ayas in the Pennine Alps in Valle d'Aosta, Italy. It's situated on a rock island on the snow spur descending SSW from the Roccia Nera and E of the Schwarztor. It's a typical small Italian metal bivouac hut which is cramped if full.


Built in 1961, improved in 1995.


12 places

Runnig water in the vicinty (watch out: toilets nearby!).
Bring your own gaz stoves.

Approach routes

Take the lift to Klein Matterhorn and follow the snow crest to the broad saddle at 3,796 m. Then cross the glacier bowl ESE to the Breithornpass. From the pass head NE, descending a little, to pass below a rock island and the SSE spur of the Breithorn central summit. Just beyond this latter point slant up on to the higher glacier terrace (3,650 m) on the S side of the Breithorn. Curve round, maintaining height, to where the terrace starts to peter out below Roccia Nera. Slant down SE for a few m and then traverse across to the outcrop on which the hut is sited. If crevasses are a problem on the glacier terrace take a lower line from below the Breithorn central summit, used on the approach to Pollux, and up to the top of the rognon on which the hut stands on its L side.

Climb the Verra Glacier NE to reach Passo di Verra / Zwillingsjoch (3,848 m), between Castor and Pollux. Before the col, descend WNW. A little before Schwarztor, climb a short snow slope (watch out for the rimaye). Eventually use the fixed ropes and the steps and reach the hut.



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