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Saas Fee

Photo of Saas Fee
Saas Fee seen in the summer

Country Switzerland Coat of arms/flag of Saas Fee
Canton Valais
District Visp (district)
Language German
Area 40.57 km²15.664 sqmi
Altitude 1,800 m5,905.512 ft
1.118 miles
Surroundings Randa, Saas Almagell, Saas Balen, Saas Grund, Sankt Niklaus, Täsch
Population 1,607 (2002)
Density 39.611 /km²102.587 /sqmi
Alpinist's Info
Hut(s) Britannia Hut, Città di Gallarate Bivouac, Città di Luino Bivouac, Città di Mantova Hut, Gnifetti Hut, Längflue Hotel, Marinelli Bivouac, Mischabel Hut, Mischabeljoch Bivouac, Mittelallalin Station
Summit(s) Allalinhorn, Alphubel, Balfrin, Kleines Allalin, Nadelhorn, Rimpfischhorn, Strahlhorn
Topo. Map SLK 1349: Monte Moro
Other Data
Postal code 3906
SFOS 6290
Location of Saas Fee
>> Switzerland > Valais > Visp (district) > Saas Fee

To Saas Fee you get by car from

Saas Fee is free of cars. There is a big parking store at the beginning of the village where you have to leave your car.

By public transport you reach Saas Fee:

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