Schreckhorn Hut

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Schreckhorn Hut
Schreckhornhütte (de)

Photo of the Schreckhorn Hut
Schreckhorn Hut

Elevation 2,529 m8,297.244 ft
1.571 miles
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Range Bernese Alps
Massif Schreckhorn Group
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DMS Coor. 46°34´54"N, 8°5´56"E
Swiss Coor. 650600 / 159150
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Nearby Features
Alte Strahlegg, Groächta, Klein Fiescherhorn, Klein Schreckhorn, Lauteraarhorn, Lauteraarsattel, Mättenberg, Nässihorn, Obere Buggel, Pfaffestecki, Schreckhorn, Schreckhorn Group, Schrecksattel, Strahlegghorn, Strahleggpass
Alpinist's Info
Base(s) Grindelwald
Summit(s) Agassizhorn, Finsteraarhorn, Klein Nässihorn, Kleines Schreckhorn, Lauteraarhorn, Nässihorn, Oberaarhorn, Pfaffenstöckli, Schreckhorn, Strahlegghorn, Studerhorn
Topo. Map SLK 1229: Grindelwald
Approach Difficulty Rating F F
Hut Info
Places 90
Guarded 15 Jun. - 30 Sept.
Catering Drinks and Food
Tel. 0041 (0)33 855 10 25 (hut)
0041 (0)33 853 33 74 (warden)
Schreckhorn Hut (Switzerland )
Schreckhorn Hut
Schreckhorn Hut


[edit] General information

The Schreckhorn Hut (German: Schreckhornhütte) is located in the Bernese Alps at the Unterer Grindelwaldgletscher, 7 km south-east of Grindelwald. The hut has a located at 2,530 m and belongs to the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) Section Basel. The hut provides impressive views on the Schreckhorn, Lauteraarhorn and Finsteraarhorn.

The hut stands relatively isolated in a lonesome area. The way to the hut is long and the route possibilities are difficult so you will find not too much climbers there. But the climbers you meet there should be experienced.

The hut warden is Hans Balmer (Chalet Bänisegg, 3818 Grindelwald; Tel: 0041 (0)33 853 33 74)

[edit] History

The hut was built in 1980/1981 as a replacement of the Strahlegg hut which was damaged by an avalanche in 1977/1978.

[edit] Accomodation

90 places, 57 in winter room

[edit] Approach routes

  1. From Grindelwald: mountain station Pfingstegg (1.392 m) - Bäregg - Stieregg - Rots Gufer - Schreckhorn Hut (5.5h from Grindelwald; 4.5h from Pfingstegg)
  • Follow the white-blue-white marks
  • Alpine route for which you need experience (ladders & chains)

  1. Descend from Station Eismeer: Fiescher Glacier - Zassenberg - Obers Ischmeer (4h)
  • Not recommended
  • Glacier walk

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