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The quality templates are designed to assign a quality label to a page. Currently there are four quality labels available: Stub, Start, Good and Perfect.


[edit] Using the Quality Templates

The quality template of a page should be the first line of a page. Depending on the quality label, a little box with a certain colour will appear in the upper right corner of the page. The table below gives an overview of the different quality labels that can be used and how to use them. Most pages containing an infobox (and a form) automatically include the quality label as specified in the infobox.

Tag Quality label

[edit] Quality Guidelines

[edit] Stub

A stub is an article that has just been created and only contains very limited information. A list of stub articles for the Switzerland region are available here for example. This is typically a mountain or a hut page that only contains information about the location, altitude, coordinates etc (typically in an infobox along the side of a page).

These pages can be generated by a user generating a list of short pages but can also be generated by the Mount Wiki Bot (MW bot).

Generating stubs is useful though because it lowers the treshold for other users to contribute any content they feel may be interesting for other users. It also generates visibility in search engines and thus draws more users to those pages.

[edit] Start

When the basic content on a page is verified and this info is certainly correct, a page is candidate to become a start page. There should also be a minimal content in the page that a users at least has other info than the basic info from an infobox.

[edit] Good

A page gets the good label when a user can almost find everything he expected on a page, but the page is not perfect though. When making a mountain page, there should be an introduction, several routes with images, overview of the routes, additional photos and appropriate categories added. Adlerhorn and Rimpfischhorn are prime examples of Good-class pages.

A good page is not perfect though because the editor(s) feel there can be additional info added that is useful for the readers. When a page reaches the 'Good' status, the 'Recommended Books' template should be added. Do not add it on stubs or start pages because the page becomes too crowded when there is no real content.

[edit] Perfect

A page is finally completed when all the needed information is added (there is no 'additional information needed box' anymore) and the page is spellchecked. When there is no info to be added and there are no spelling errors left on the page, the page get the perfect label. The perfect label is a rather rare label and should not be added without consideration.

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