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{{|Name=Täschhorn |Photo=Taschhorn22.jpg |Caption=The S face and SSE ridge of the Täschhorn |Elevation=4,491 m|longd=7 |longm=51 |longs=30 |longEW=E |swissx=632387 |swissy=103625 |Topographic map=SLK 1328: Randa |Easiest route=PD+ |pushpin_map=Switzerland |pushpin_label_position=bottom |Q=stub }}

Trolololololo The Täschhorn (4,491 m) is a mountain in the Strahlhorn-Mischabel Group of the Pennine Alps in the canton of Valais, Switzerland. It's situated south of the Dom and is one of the more difficult 4000 m peaks. All the routes have difficulies (on ice, or exposed).

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