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Photo of the Wellenkuppe
Ober Gabelhorn (left) & Wellenkuppe (right), seen from the S.

Elevation 3,903 m12,805.118 ft
2.425 miles
Location Valais, Switzerland
Range Pennine Alps
Massif Weisshorn Group
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DMS Coor. 46°2´31.1"N, 7°40´40.2"E
Swiss Coor. 618528 / 98969
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Nearby Features
Arben Bivouac, Col Durand, Grand Mountet Hut, Mammouth, Mont Durand, Ober Gabelhorn, Rothorn Hut, Trifthorn (Weisshorn Group), Zinal Rothorn
Alpinist's Info
Base(s) Zermatt
Hut(s) Rothorn Hut
Topo. Map SLK 1327: Evolène
Easiest Route Rating PD PD
Wellenkuppe (Switzerland )


[edit] General information

The Wellenkuppe (3,903 m12,805.118 ft
2.425 miles
) is a mountain in the Pennine Alps in the canton of Valais, Switzerland. It's an easily recognised mountain on account of the distinctive snow crest which forms its summit. Frequently climbed in its own right as well as being a means of reaching the NNE ridge of the Obergabelhorn. First ascent by F. Douglas with P. Inäbnit and P. Taugwalder on 1 July 1865 on an attempt to climb the Obergabelhorn.

[edit] Routes

[edit] East Flank and East-North-East Ridge (PD)

Wellenkuppe: East Flank and East-North-East Ridge (edit infobox)
Summit Approach
Summit Wellenkuppe (3,903 m2.425 miles
12,805.118 ft
Valley base(s) Zermatt (1,608 m0.999 miles
5,275.591 ft
Route Type Snow and Rock (2.5 h) Hut Rothorn Hut (3,198 m1.987 miles
10,492.126 ft
Difficulty Rating PD PD Difficulty W1
Height Gains Hut - Summit: 705 m0.438 miles
2,312.992 ft
    -    Valley - Hut: 1590 m0.988 miles
5,216.535 ft
    -    Valley - Summit: 2295 m1.426 miles
7,529.528 ft
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From the Rothorn Hut climb NW up the glacier combe until a little way short of the rock wall below Pt. 3,658 m and Pt. 3,790 m. Turn SW and climb the glacier slope whilst gradually turning S to reach a snowy shoulder, clearly indicated on the map, which extends across the E face of the mountain. Climb the ridge above the shoulder, turning the first steep section on the L. Back on the ridge continue dor 100 m to a small buttress which is also turned on the L. Return immediately to the ridge and reach the final steep setion which is quite impressive looking but easily climbed. A snow crest leads to the summit.

[edit] Additional photos

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