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Dear Anita,The sign-posting will be completed by the mid of June. Both woeodn signs and informational signs (with maps and information about the path) will be installed. At the same time we are finalising the website. Thank you for your comments,Fivos

[edit] General information

The Wisse Schijen mountain is located at the east side of the Weisshorn mountain. On its south terrain is the Weisshorn Hut. One can also see the Schalihorn mountain at the south west side and the Mettelhorn mountain at the south side. At the north side is the Brunegghorn mountain. At the east side the Dom and Tasch mountains. Wisse Schijen can also be climbed like a training before the Weisshorn mountain.

[edit] ROUTES

The path leading up on the mountain and Weisshorn hut starts from the town of Randa. One needs to go to the north side of the town and go over a road bridge. The path is roughly at the left side of the bridge, where one can see small timber houses. Path is comfortable and soft to walk on,as it goes merely on soil. There are a few routes on this mountain. The most popular is the north ridge.


One starts ascending from the Weisshorn hut following the path towards north west and the Weisshorn mountain. After about one hour one arrives on the glacier between Weisshorn and Wisse Schijen mountains. There is several holes on this glacier, therefore one should start ascending about two hours before the day light. One should go towards north keeping the western face at 100 meters distance. When arriving on the saddle one turns towards right/ east reaching the start of the north west ridge.

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